OUCHI will provide innovative investment opportunities and platforms.

By using our web3 technology,

investors can Investors can use our web3 technology to invest in selected properties around the world that were previously inaccessible

from small amounts, and enjoy the liquidity of global markets.

OUCHI ensures that digital assets reflect the value of real assets,

OUCHI is committed to providing transparency and reliability by ensuring that digital assets reflect the value of real assets.

Thus, by combining global, cutting-edge technology with traditional property markets,

OUCHI will create unique new investment opportunities.

Real World Assets(実物資産)をデジタルアセットとしてトークン化することで革新的な投資機会とプラットフォームを提供していきます。

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Web3の今がよくわかる!HOT TOPIC LIVE!毎週木曜21:00~
Web3の今がよくわかる!HOT TOPIC LIVE!毎週木曜21:00~