We are creating a new narrative.

We are building a network in the global scale based on the mutual aid with a value put on trust and empathy.

Our mission is

- to create a society where people can live on good vibes

- to create a new story of money /currency

- to maximize the social capital

- to re-distribute the wealth

We redistribute our asset

in real time.

You are the one who decides the usage of our Ouchi asset whether the education, security service, food, energy, public spaces, etc.

fund will be collected through the fund raising.

For example, if you want to have a nursery close to your home, you can write the plan sheet and post on the Ouchi bulletin board.

People who have the same wish can participate in the crowd funding and support your plan. If you collect the certain amount of supports, the fund will be contributed from the Ouchi assets which is the pool of everyone’s tax.

Every project is decided by the members and every member has a right to participate in the project.

All assets of Ouchi is to be re-distributed to the members.

Real World Assets(実物資産)をデジタルアセットとしてトークン化することで革新的な投資機会とプラットフォームを提供していきます。

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暗号資産の今がよくわかる!HOT TOPIC LIVE!毎週木曜21:00~
暗号資産の今がよくわかる!HOT TOPIC LIVE!毎週木曜21:00~